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Regardless of how long your voyage lasts or where it takes you, your time aboard AMAYA will be special. Tell us about what you dream and what you like and we will design your cruise all around you and your wishes.

Whether you choose one of our existing itineraries, or decide to change or customize the ports of call inside of your voyage, your dedicated Yacht Concierge together with the Captain can help develop an itinerary and activities that fits your needs and desires.

Tell us what you crave for and help our chefs prepare meals a la minute, which means every time you eat you get the freshest and most delicious food made from the highest quality ingredients. And yes, we will go after that particular bottle of wine and if on the market we will find it for you!
From private transfers with either vans, helicopters or jets, to all sorts of water sports and activities, private diving sessions for beginners and pros.
From the choice of Beach Clubs to Restaurants, Parties and Events. From Beauty and Wellness to workout sessions and sport. From small escapes on land for sightseeing to the most important choice of doing nothing but simply relax and enjoy the sea and the nature.
AMAYA is with you, prior to boarding, while aboard and after disembarking with the sweetest holiday memories ever.

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