CaptainAlessio Paglini

Hello, I am Captain Alessio Paglini, an avid sailor. I have been responsible for the conduct of boats, of my crew and of the safety of all guests on board.
I was born and grew up near the sea in Tuscany, ltaly, and began my career with the Military Navy.
 I approached the nautical and charter business in 1992.
In 1998, I was employed on a 30 meters boat, Maiora Slam. From 2003 to 2006, I have been the captain of 45 meters Benetti More.
From 2006 to 2009, I was employed on board the 63 meters Codecasa Moneikos as Second-in-command.
In 2010/2011 I raced on the 46 meters classic sailing yacht Lulworth (built in 1920) covering the role of First Officer.
 My last command was onboard the 30 meters charter motor yacht Vervece.
In my spare time, I sail my own 23 meters FarrNismara around the world.
I speak mother tongue ltalian, I have a strong working knowledge of the English language, and has good knowledge of Spanish.

Chief engineerSalvatore Balzano

Hello, my name is Salvatore Balzano and I am 25 years old. I have gained experience by working in private and commercial yachts.
I have worked on board of Sanlorenzo 108’ in Elba island as a deck engineer and last season I covered the same task on board of a tugboat.
I am confident in manoeuvres with distance, line, windlass, tonnage and cleaning the boat.
I have experience as captain/engineer on board of private and commercial boats.
I have good skills in team work, and good communication skills and a positive attitude.
It’s been more than five years since I have been doing water sports and I dedicate myself to amuse our guests with the same enthusiasm I convey.

ChefSandro Desiderio Gueli

I have been sailing since I was 17, the sea and the cooking are my passions.
Tenacious and hard-working my motto is “no problem” because everything can always be solved. I organize and plan my work in great detail, and I enjoy working as a team.
I am flexible in the ability to adapt to challenging situations with clarity regarding priority in goals and ways for achieving them in a fast and precise manner.
I have good ability to achieve with perseverance, dedication and determination the goals and to carry out any activity already started.
I have great spin interpersonal skills, adaptability to different environments and cultures, excellent communication skills.
I also possess great attitude to the customer care, being very sociable, reserved with great ability to work in group, skill which I developed in multiple situations where the collaboration between different figures is key. I have great confidence working in stressful situations, especially those related to the relationship with the audience and during intervals of work activities. I’m dedicated and focused on self improving, and I am always willing to confront myself with any necessary further training. I am a specialist in Mediterranean, vegetarian vegan and gluten free dishes as well as bakery and pastries.

Chiefstewardess Oxana

Hello, my name is Oxana and I am 38 years old.
I was born in Russia and now I live in ltaly, where I have obtained permanent residence.
I approach my job professionally and with positive attitude even when under pressure.
I am a reliable and responsible individual with great attention to details and professional experience in the yachting industry, including silver service.
I work very well on my own or as part of a team and I am quick to volunteer and assist in any other working areas or operations.
I enjoy interacting with people and consider myself to be a friendly and approachable person.


Hello, My name is Joy and I am 22 years old. I was born in Albania and now live in ltaly where I have permanent residence.
I am a valuable, hardworking team player who is eager to learn and takes initiative to complete tasks with a strong work ethic.
I work well in a team, have good communication skills and a positive attitude!
My greatest skills are photography and I am also a great masseuse.
Being very passionate about my career in the yachting industry I am also looking for a chance to work with a great team and strongly believe that all of my skills will allow me to fulfill my dream job.
This is my first year in the yachting industry and I have already gained some good experience.

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